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Ripley Patton

purveyor of myth

16 December 1968
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  • rippatton@livejournal.com
I write speculative fiction of all sorts including, but not limited to, soft sci-fi, sword and sorcery, fantasy, fairy tale redactions, magical realism, and erotica. I am also a member and co-founder of Wily Writers Group, and a Core founder of SpecFicNZ, a writer's association for New Zealand Writers of Speculative Fiction, which was launched in August 2010 (when I lived in Christchurch). I am currently living in Portland, Oregon and working on my first novel, a YA urban fantasy.

My publications include:

August 2005 - "A Speck in the Universe" to AlienSkin
April 2006 - "The Werehouse" to Quantum Muse
Jan-March 2006 - "Sister of the Benevolent Gods" quarter finals of the Writers of the Future Contest
March 2008 - "The Derby" in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine
July-Sept. 2008 - "Sister of the Benevolent Gods" to The Lorelei Signal
October 2008 - "Traveling by Petroglyph" to Flash Fiction Online
Jan-March 2009 - "The House that Dirk Built" to The Lorelei Signal
February 2009 - "Sheep Women and Dog Boys" to Reflection's Edge
February 2009 - "The Derby" to Wily Writers Website for Downloadable Speculative Fiction
March 2009 - "A Speck in the Universe" to Wily Writers Website for Downloadable Speculative Fiction
April 2009 - "For Want of a Woodpecker" to Coming Together Al Fresco
June 2009 - "Corrigan's Exchange" to Semaphore Magazine
July 2009 - Sister of the Benevolent Gods in A Time To..Volume 3: The Best of the Lorelei Signal 2008
July 2009 - "Rites of Passage" to A Fly in Amber
August 2009 - "Traveling by Petroglyph" in Flash Me Magazine
August 2009 - "The Moth Collector's Daughter" in Reflection's Edge
October 2009 - "The Comfort of Cabbages" in Prima Storia
December 2009 - "Over the Rim" in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine
December 2009 - "Corrigan's Exchange" in Semaphore's best of 2009 print anthology
June 2010 - "The House that Dirk Built" in Semaphore Magazine
July 2010 - "Heart of the Salamander" in The Lorelei Signal online
August 2010 - "Heart of the Salamander" in Mystic Signals, print
August 2010 - "Sister of the Benevolent Gods" as an audio podcast with Cossmass Infinities.
August 2010 - "The Future of the Sky" in the print Anthology, A Foreign Country, New Zealand Speculative Fiction.
January 2011 - "Broken Water" in the premiere issue of State of Imagination magazine.
February 2011 - "A Speck in the Universe" in Night-Mantled: The Best of Wily Writers, Volume 1
April 2011 - "The Bus to Nostalgia" in Tales for Canterbury: an anthology to raise funds for Canterbury Earthquake relief.

Award Nominations

"The Derby" nominated and short-listed for the Sir Julius Vogel Award for best short story 2008.
"Traveling by Petroglyph" nominated for the Mirco Awards by the editors of Flash Me Magazine.

"Corrigan's Exchange" short-listed for a Sir Julius Vogel Award 2009, best short story
"Over the Rim" short-listed for a Sir Julius Vogel Award 2009, best novelette


"Corrigan's Exchange" Sir Julius Vogel Award, best short story 2009.


June 2010- Acquisitions Editor for the Flash Issue of Wily Writers Website