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Little Free Libraries: A Creative Way to Promote Your Books

So, was taking my daily Portland walk with hubby today and came across a Little Free Library.

These are the cutest little things you've ever seen. The picture doesn't do it justice because I've cut off the cute gabled roof, but it is a little house/bookshelf on a post along the sidewalk full of books that you can borrow for FREE.  There is a sign on the front over the glass front door that says this:


take a book, leave a book

This little free library is a gift from friends who wanted to Pay it Forward. They hope you will do the same. To participate see: 

Of course, as soon as I got home I looked up the website and found that Little Free Libraries are cropping up ALL OVER the country and ALL OVER the world.

You can order premade or do-it-yourself kits for your own little free library from the website. They aren't cheap mind you, but they are adorable and waterproof and a cool way to have your own freakin' library (I have ALWAYS wanted my own freakin' library).  And they even have a special limited design that looks like an old red English phone booth.

What I noticed on the website is that people really get into decorating and personalizing their little libraries. If they love gardening, they paint it all gardeny and stock it with their favorite gardening books. There are libraries for kids. Libraries of all Dr. Seuss. Libraries of mysteries. And memoirs. And fantasy. You can buy and install a little library as an individual or as a group or org project. You can buy and install ONE, or a truckload.

Another great feature on the website is a Google map that shows you all the locations of the Little Libraries. I looked up the one I found and it included the address location, the Stewards (those who made and maintain it) of the library and their e-mail address. How cool is that?

Anyway, this got me to thinking about how we writers could use Little Free Libraries to promote reading and our own works. If you belong to a writers group, you could sponsor a Little Free Library in your area and stock it with books by your members. If you are a fantasy writer, how fun would it be to have a Little Free Library outside your house, all decorated with dragons and such featuring your books and books by your favorite authors. If you write YA, have a YA Little Free Library.

I definitely want to buy and install one for my apartment complex.  And who knows, I may even hit  up some of you writerly types for your books for it.

Be sure to look up and check out the local Little Library in your area.  Oh, and spread the word. And go build a Little Library of your own.

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