Ripley Patton (rippatton) wrote,
Ripley Patton

Ghost Hand Give-Away

Over at LOLA’S REVIEWS, I’ve just done an interview, and Lola asked some great questions about Ghost Hand and the future PSS Chronicles books.
She was also nice enough to run a rafflecoptor give-away for me. Go HERE and scroll down to the bottom of the page to enter. You could be the lucky winner of a free electronic or paperback copy of Ghost Hand. And don’t forget to tell your friends to enter too.
And over at LILI LOST IN A BOOK, Lili has given me the BEST REVIEW EVER. She read Ghost Hand in one sitting, LOVED my cover, and was swooning over Marcus.
My favorite quote from the review was probably - ”I just love the world Ripley created! It’s so imaginative and, as crazy as it sounds, it kinda makes me want to live in this world (especially if Marcus is there!)”
So, go check out these sites and let them know you were there with a kindly comment.
Tags: ghost hand, give-away, review
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