Ripley Patton (rippatton) wrote,
Ripley Patton

Can Books Really Change Lives?

Books change lives. It's a library motto. A cliche. An overused hyperbole. Or is it?

This last weekend, I was sitting in a cafe sipping a warm drink. I had just stopped at the post office where I had picked up a parcel containing a book I had ordered from Powells. I was pretty excited about the book, so I pulled it out and began skimming through the pages.

I was only a few pages in when a man came over to my table and said, "I couldn't help noticing the book you're reading."  He was beaming. He was excited. Youthful joy lit up his middle-aged eyes. "That book changed my life," he said, "and so when I saw you reading it, I just had to come over and say something." And so, we talked about the book for a few minutes; how it had impacted him and given him confidence and freedom and a philosophy of life to embrace. We talked about when he had read it (the year after I was born), and what the world had been like then, and how much he was sure I was going to enjoy the book, a book he no longer owned but would always have a place on the shelf of his heart.

I had no doubt when that man went back to his table that the book in my hand had changed his life.

What was the book?

See my blog post HERE to find out and read more.

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